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Apr 12

Web Design Inspiration - 12 / 4 / 13


I can tell you’ve all missed my design inspiration, now I’m back you can have your fix.

Todays inspiration comes from Florida based creative agency Knock Knock Factory -

Great over all layout and use of subtle animations.

Apr 11

I’m back & I’ve rebranded my site.

It’s been a while since I last posted anything at all on here - getting on close to 12 months in fact. But You’ll be glad to know (or maybe not so) that I’m back.


The last 12 months have been a bit hectic in truth, I even went quiet on Twitter for a while. But I was still working hard on design, I got married, went on a gorgeous honeymoon, got offered a new job in London - took the job in London - found it extremely difficult to be able to commute from Blackpool to London on a weekly basis so had to stay in Blackpool :( Along with this I have been training hard on my bike ready for charity rides and sportives I’m entering and now along with the kids, we have a Dog!

I’ve give my site a whole new brand, check the new layout here now my main aim now is to get back into shape on here so I’ll be posting inspiration, work, thoughts and any other bo****ks I can think of.

It’s great to be back. Speak soon.


May 02

Mar 22

had to reblog this… gotta love the Smiths!

had to reblog this… gotta love the Smiths!

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Mar 21